Although right now this is only a rumour, there seems to be a pretty good chance that next season’s photo tee could be: Supreme/NAS collab. The piece would feature the image of NAS wearing the 2013 box logo tee, and will be available in 8 different colourways as part of the Fall/Winter collection.

“Originally Teased In 2013 but never dropped, the time is finally coming. This is just a mock up of the tee to come but he will be wearing a black beanie, Olive Fatigue Jacket, and of course the original red box on white tee Nasty Nas Written Under Photo,” said Jay Preme on Instagram.


If this leak is in fact true, Nasir Jones will join the likes of Raekwon, Dipset and Gucci Mane who have also joined forces with Supreme on photo tees.

As the weeks progress, we can expect more information on whether or not this collab is just a fantasy.

Keep tuned for info.


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