Today, Supreme’s next collaboration was announced – a new project with Rap-A-Lot Records which will be released in this Thursday’s drop.


Rap-A-Lot Records was founded in 1987 in Huston, Texas – and was the label that championed artists such as Sir Rap-A-Lot, Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Willie D and DJ Ready Red. Rap-A-Lot tested the boundaries of the music industry in the late 80’s and gave sub-genres of rap at the time, a chance to reach their full potential.

http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-3 (1)http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-4http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-5http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-6http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-7http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-8http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-9http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-10http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-11http-hypebeast.comimage201704supreme-rap-a-lot-records-2017-spring-summer-collection-12The staple graphic feature on this drop, is the iconic image of Bushwick Bill in hospital after being shot in the eye by his girlfriend. This collection consists of a Satin Club Jacket, Graphic Image Hooded Sweater, 5-panel, Beanies, T-shirts and… a cushion.

The collection will be available at Supreme’s New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris locations, as well as its online store on April 6.


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