Finally, the much anticipated Spring/Summer Look Book has been released. And, with collabs still to look forward to – I personally am very excited for this season.


Spring Summer Tees

From this season, my favourite piece is the hearts Harrington by far. Although this will probably be a massively hyped piece – there’s a pretty good reason. I mean, just loooooook at it!



The worst piece from this season definitely has to be the Faux Fur Bomber – without the horrible lettering on the back, this could of been piece I could definitely get behind. But, the poor back design kills it. (Look at that letter R…)





Jacket and shirt wise there are a lot of the basics – things I feel like we have definitely seen before – with the exception of a couple of nice pieces (Truth Tour Jacket, Quilted Lace Bomber)

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Finally, my favourite part of any drop – the accessories. The usual mad novelty item this time, is an actual Supreme/Coleman mini bike. Can’t wait to see this been road around Soho after this drop. There’s also furniture, headphones, money gun, a metro card (with an apparent 2 fares included), a super cute new pendant and gold chain, drinking glasses, flask, pins, beaded curtain, pills tray, measuring tape, beach towel, key chains and…. a knife.

The rest of the preview and look book can be viewed over on the Supreme Website.


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