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As someone who enjoys shooting film, it has been so refreshing to see it reemerge in fashion over the past few recent years. The first time I stumbled onto Jiro Konami’s work was when the shoot he did for Supreme came out. I was taken back by how refreshing it was to see someone using film in fashion world for such a big shots.

It only takes a quick glance through with portfolio (linked at the start of article) – to see why he has done so incredibly well at only 30 years old. Aside from his work with Supreme, and other projects of his own (which again hold their own alongside all commissioned work) – he has also worked with clients such as Vogue and The North Face.


Away from his influence on the fashion photography world – I cannot express how much I personally appreciate the way he portrays the UK in his photographs. The culture he captures is so real, that when you look through I kind of feels like these are the sort of pictures you would take yourself: and obviously a far cry from the lifestyle back in his native Japan.

With people such as Jiro being part of the New Wave of  film photography – following in the footsteps of ions such as Wolfgang Tillmans: I am ridiculously excited to see whats to come.



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