A couple of stand out songs from the past couple of weeks, that I’d say are a must listen. A mix of genres, but all definitely worth a listen.


Starboy – The Weeknd / Daft Punk


Most probably going to be the most hyped release for next couple of days at least, “Starboy” is the title of The Weeknd’s new single and also his new upcoming album. Taking his usual mellow vibe, and collaborating it with the kings of techno – Daft Punk.

At this point, there was no real chance of this release being great – and it really does live up to expectations. Just give us the album already.

Give it a listen here, and take a look at the new album art work if you get a minute – it killllls.

Good Guy – Frank Ocean


Think about all the 1 minutes in your life that you have wasted all throughout your life. Most likely they were wasted, doing nothing at all. This track is literally 1:08. And absolutely INSANE.

After a four year wait for F.O to release something for us after the master piece of Channel Orange, our hunger has not been fulfilled. Again, PLEASE please please give Blonde a listen. It’s a change in style but its so current and so deep that you’ll probably go from dancing to crying in a matter of minutes.

Borders – M.I.A


Coming from her 5th studio album, AIM, the artist most notably known for her huge release Paper Planes, BORDERS looks at world issues and pop culture. Even though this track was apparently wrote in around 2 hours, it keeps up with her catchy style and is my favourite from the new album. This song was released around about this time this year and it’s music video, which you can watch here – which she directed herself was named by Time as one of the best videos of 2015.

Mr Apples – Madness

At first I will admit, that I was pretty sceptical about Madness releasing new music – and when I recently saw them play at Boomtown Fair this year all my worries were pushed aside. They are one of the most incredible bands I have ever seen play live. This release makes you wanna dance around and get drunk, and thats the shit I DO LIKE



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