Everyday I thank the fact that Youtube exists and we can still get our hands on this obscure bunch that would otherwise be lost. Here’s a couple of gems that are ESSENTIAL watches.


Paris is Burning (1990)


To me, one of the most important and well known of the lot – but still incredible. This documentary follows drag queens in New York, touching on class; race and racism; wealth; gender orientation; and beauty standards. A wonderfully sassy film with a powerful message – great enough to influence Madonnas Vogue music video.

Gummo (1997)


The creepiest of the lot. This film is based on a a town destructed by a tornado, that is inhabited by the deformed, estranged and perverted. Nothing more needs to be said, strange but wonderful.

Lift (2001)


A hilarious and at times completely moving look at Britain and it’s multiculturalism, without even leaving a lift. Seen completely from the film makers point of view, Marc Isaacs sets himself up in a London tower block and captures the responses of those around him.

Streetwise (1984)


Documentary following homeless kids in Seattle, who have resorted to drug-use, prostitution and crime. An incredible insight to how young kids can survive on the streets and become their own little family, making the best out of worst circumstances.

Dirty Girls (1996)


Based around 13 year old feminist-punk girls, Harper and Amber, known for their bad hygiene (the name now makes sense) – looks at how these non-conformist young women deal with being the outcasts at school. The ending throws a massive middle finger at high school culture. This film was made the year I was born and is still more than relevant today.

Grey Gardens (1975)


Grey Gardens shows the dramatic class flip of two formerly upper-class woman, who become recluses and live in squalor in their once pristine mansion, in the wealthy area of East Hampton.

Kids (1995)


Last but not least, a cult film that’s become very popular in recent years – inspired a collab by Supreme and probably the coolest of them all, Kids. With some very questionable scenes and story lines, following a group of teenagers in New York City. HIV positive kid continues to sleep with as many virgin girls as possible without telling any of them about it. Shocking, but very very cool. Jesus Christ, what happened?


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